Waste Technology Section

International Low Level Waste Disposal Network (DISPONET)

Workshop on safety aspects of low level waste disposal

4—6 October 2011, Stockholm, Sweden

day 1

Opening remarks - B. Torstenfelt (SKB)
and L. Nachmilner (IAEA)

Operational Safety and the IAEA Safety Standards
– K. Moeller (IAEA)

Extension of existing repository - P. Larsson (SKB)

DISPONET News - L. Nachmilner (IAEA)

Session I: Operational experience
Operational experiences of El Cabril 1992-2011 – M. Navarro (ENRESA)

Disposal experience in the Czech Republic – J. Faltejsek (RAWRA)

Session II: Operational safety issues
Post-closure Safety Aspects of the Bátaapáti Repository – B. Nos (PURAM)

Proof of long term safety – L. Almkvist (SKB)

Improving waste disposal practices at Vaalputs – A. Carolisen (NECSA)

Pre-disposal safety management and generic Waste Acceptance Criteria
– K. Fernando (ANSTO)

Round Table:
Safety challenges in waste operation

day 2

Site visit at the SFR repository

Site visit at the SFR repository - continuation

day 3

Session III: Links between operators and regulators
Communication between operator and regulator – K.L. Loveland (Energy Solutions)

Relationships with the regulatory body – P. Bernard (ANDRA)

Russian lessons learnt – A.Guskov (SECNRS)

Involvement of regulators in repository development – K. Mannaerts (FANC)

Interaction with regulatory body during development of detailed technical design of near surface repository for L&ILW in Lithuania – D. Janenas (RATA)

Wrap up discussion – P. Ormai (IAEA)

Transport Animations

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