Waste Technology Section

International Low Level Waste Disposal Network (DISPONET)

Waste Acceptance Criteria for Disposal of Very Low, Low, and Intermediate Level Waste

28—30 September 2010, Peine, Germany

Terms os Reference


German disposal system
(GER) – E. Biurrun

Waste acceptance system
(IAEA) – L. Nachmilner

day 1

Planning and implementing waste acceptance for different type of facilities

Waste Acceptance Requirements for Konrad repository
and Introduction to Konrad repository
(P. Brennecke, BfS, Germany)

Waste acceptance in near surface trenches at Vaalputs
(NECSA, South Africa)

Comparison of WAC for near surface and geological facilities
(S. Konopásková, RAWRA, CR)

Commonalities and differences in derivation and application WAC for near surface and geological facilities (approach, challenges)
(P. Ormai, PURAM, Hungary)

day 2

Experience and lessons learned in acceptance procedures for specific waste

TRU waste acceptance issues (WIPP)
(G. Scott, US DoE)

Mixed waste acceptance
(KL. Loveland, Energy Solutions, USA)

Challenges in conditioning and disposal of specific LLW / ILW
(K. Kugel, BfS, Germany)

Acceptance of graphite waste
(B. Zlobenko, SSTCNRS, Ukraine)

day 3

VLLW, assuring compliance

Very low level waste management in Spain and in France - From safety to waste acceptance criteria/Industrial experiences

(M. Dutzer, ANDRA, France & Elena Vico, ENRESA, Spain)

Assuring compliance with waste acceptance requirements
(S. Steyer, BfS, Germany)

Exemplary waste streams – compliance with waste acceptance requirements for Konrad
(M. Tholen, DBE TECHNOLOGY GmbH, Germany)

Preliminary waste acceptance criteria
(Chris De Bock, ONDRAF/NIRAS, Belgium)

Challenges in formulating preliminary WAC
(Manzur Hussain, PAEC, Pakistan)


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