Waste Technology Section

International Low Level Waste Disposal Network (DISPONET)

International Workshop on Post-operational Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance of Disposal Facilities for Radioactive Waste

22—25 September 2009, Cherbourg, France

Centre de Stockage de la Manche

Historical background on CSM operation & closure and surveillance of the ANDRA CSM repository
(J-P. Vervialle, ANDRA, France)

Surveillance and environmental monitoring – CSM case
(B. Cahen, ANDRA, France)

day 1

Planning and implementing surveillance of near-surface repositories

IAEA safety standards pertaining to monitoring and surveillance of radioactive waste disposal facilities
(J. Rowat, IAEA)

Role of safety case in planning post-operational phase
(F. Besnus, IRSN, France)

Regulatory aspects of the repository post-operational surveillance - requirements and control
(T. Houdre, ASN, France)

Development and implementation of post operational repository surveillance programmes
(S. Konopaskova, J. Faltejsek, RAWRA, Czech Republic)

day 2

Experience and lessons learned in post operational management of a repository

Overview of USDOE Office of Legacy Management and experience and lessons learned with monitoring and surveillance of repository post-closure performance
(T. Pauling DoE, USA)

Post-operational Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance Plans and Early Data Indicators for the Energy Solutions Clive, USA Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility
(K. Loveland, Energy Solutions, US,)

Surveillance of non-radiological parameters
(P. Ormai, PURAM, Hungary)

Application of surveillance results for assessing environmental safety and facility performance – RADON case

(A. Guskov, Radon, Russian Federation)

day 3

Interpretation and utilisation of surveillance results - challenging issues

Removal from regulatory control – approaches to termination of a licence
(H. Arlt, NRC, USA)

Linking monitoring with assumptions in the safety assessment – challenges and lessons learned
(R. Seitz, DoE, USA)

Tritium release into environment from near-surface radioactive waste facilities
(V. Dolin, IEG Kiev, Ukraine)

Managing environmental monitoring observation/data/records at LLW disposal sites in UK
(M. Calloway, NDA, UK)

day 4

Managing and sharing information among stakeholders

Establishing information exchange: addressing the needs/request for information
(M. Laurent, Member of La Manche Departmental Council representing the Beaumont-Hague District and Chairman of CSM Local Information Committee, France) Presentation in French / Présentation en Français

Methods for managing and sharing information (R. Bosselaers, ONDRAF, Belgium,)

Communication with public at a repository site
(J-L. Gonzales, ENRESA, Spain,)
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