Waste Technology Section

International Low Level Waste Disposal Network (DISPONET)

Training Course on Development of a Near Surface Disposal Facility

15—19 February 2010, Mumbai, India

Overview of IAEA Projects RAS3009 and DISPONET

Radioactive Waste Management – Policies and Strategies

Radioactive Waste Management Infrastructure and Prerequisites for a Repository Development Programme

The LILW Management Life Cycle – Long-Term Planning

Basic Elements for Development of a NSDF

NSDF Siting Requirements and Characterization

Civil Engineering Aspects of NSDF

Mechanical Engineering and Material Handling Aspects of NSDF

Safety Aspects in Development of NSDF

Operational Aspects of NSDF – Waste Acceptance, Handling/Placement Including Management of Spent Radiation Sources

Surveillance, Monitoring, Security and Data Management Aspects of NSDF

Quality Assurance and Condition Monitoring of Disposal Modules

Safety Assessment of NSDF

Example of a Safety Case of a NSDF

Management of a NSDF Development Project – Objectives, Project Team, Structure and Responsibilities

Interaction with Regulators : Documentation, Stage-wise Clearances

Communication Strategy Planning

A Case Study: From absolute rejection to public acceptance

Stakeholder Dialogue : Lessons learned from the World

Exercise: Drafting disposal project for the planning, site screening and site investigation phases

Exercise : Development of a Communication Plan

Visit to Waste Management Facilities, Waste Management Division, BARC, Tarapur

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