Connecting the Network of Networks for Enhanced Communication and Training

CONNECT is a password protected, members only, web-based collaboration platform hosted by the IAEA on behalf of its Member States that provides a gateway for interconnecting existing and planned IAEA networks, increasing the participation of individuals and organizations involved in them, and making available additional sources of information that complement existing training workshops and meetings.

Amongst the features provided by CONNECT you will find:

  • Discussion forums on both common and special topics;

  • Expert search function; find the person who can help you with your problems;

  • Library of documents, presentations, videos, software tools, glossaries, and other resources;

  • E-Learning: nuclear education and training, on demand video, and archived presentations and seminars;

  • Resources, including calendar of meetings and events, training courses, webinars, and online meeting workspaces.

The IAEA CONNECT platform can be accessed on this website:

Registration Instructions

  1. You need a NUCLEUS account to access the CONNECT site. If you do not have one, go to and click "Register" to create an account on NUCLEUS (see top right of page - above the search). If you do, please go to step 3.
  2. Once your account is activated (please follow the NUCLEUS instructions), go to and sign in at the top right corner of page
  3. On the CONNECT landing page (url link above), click "Learn More / Join (network acronym)" link —under each network icon—and a form will appear.
  4. Fill out the form.
  5. Upon submission, a designated Technical Officer will consider your request for membership to access the community.
Please note that registering on NUCLEUS (step 1) does not mean that you are self-registered to a network on the CONNECT platform. For this you will need to explicitly "join" a community as mentioned above (step 3). Likewise, a Technical Officer of the network/community will have to grant you access before you will be able to access​ the community. Once access is granted to a community/network you will be notified by email.

You will not be sent an additional password. Next time you access CONNECT you will only need the NUCLEUS log in information.

Agency Staff with a nucleus account can skip step 1 and proceed from step 2.

**Important: Please note that CONNECT is not available to the general public. It is a special collaboration platform for current participants and partners in the IAEA Networks currently hosted on the platform. If you are a current participant or would like to be considered for membership, please visit the CONNECT platform website

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