S&M of Gaseous Diffusion Plants
[20:50 min] 20 March 2010

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The speaker talks about Surveillance and Maintenance activities as related to gaseous diffusion plants. Gaseous diffusion plants were used to enrich uranium and they exist on a mammoth scale, typically occupying areas of 90+ acres and enriching uranium in 1800 stages. Some of the experiences gained working on the Surveillance and Maintenance stage for the K25 enrichment facility located near Oak ridge, Tennessee are shared. The challenges faced included the maintenance of over 130 acres of roof, management of 31 miles of asbestos insulation and the management of 5000 Uranium Hexafluoride cylinders. Many of the experiences gained from the K25 facility are applicable to other nuclear installations. There is strong emphasis on hazard management associated with this facility through a process of ongoing maintenance and special maintenance as mechanism for long term maintenance reduction. Special maintenance operations are used to reduce the long term maintenance burden of a facility by removing surplus systems and equipment.