S&M of Surplus Production Reactors and Canyon Buildings
[14:47 min] 20 March 2010

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There is a focus on the Surveillance and Maintenance stage as applied to surplus inactive facilities including reactor buildings and production facilities. The purpose of maintenance of surplus inactive facilities is to provide ongoing containment of material stored in those facilities. A number of Surveillance and Maintenance options are examined by looking at the deterioration curve of the facility. It is explained that Initial Maintenance can be used as a tool to prolong the life of the facility by reducing the deterioration of the facility.

Extended Surveillance and Maintenance techniques can be effective in reducing the hazard by allowing the natural radioactive decay of radiological material. There is emphasis on the importance of the building structure as the primary contaminant barrier between the environment and the radiological material. Some consideration is given to the intrusion of animals such as birds, rats and snakes to these facilities through gaps in the exterior.

Ongoing maintenance of essential decommissioning equipment such as confinement facilities and mechanical systems such as ventilation systems is discussed. It is important to have a Surveillance and Maintenance plan detailing the full extent of the maintenance burden together with the frequency of inspection to ensure the safe management of the facility. Where modifications are made to the facility, it is strongly recommended to capture and record the modification through the implementation of an accepted configuration management system.