Dismantling Nuclear Facilities
[10:59 min] 15 March 2011

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The AT1 at La Hague Site was a pilot facility built to address the treatment of nuclear waste. Its objective was to reprocess spent fuel elements from fast breeder reactors. After ten years of operation and reprocessing of spent fuel the facility was shut down in June 1979. Though some of the operations were carried out in the traditional method using direct manual work, many of the assignments required the use of new techniques due to the high irradiation levels which were found. One of the problems faced during the dismantling process concerned how to deal with the "blind cells" where manual intervention was needed. Not only a pilot unit for reprocessing, AT1 is also considered to be a pilot unit in dismantling as well. Although a variety of problems were encountered, the dismantling of AT1 was a success. Technical Report