Dismantling The Oris Cells 22, 23 and 24
[08:05 min] 15 March 2011

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These cells were the prototypes for industrial production of sources. They were built in the mid 60`s and remained in use until 1972. They produced Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 sources. One of the challenges shown in this tape is that these cells covered a surface area of some 150m2 on an active production site. They were shut down in 1973 and taken permanently out of service in 1987 and remained in disuse until 1987 when a cleaning campaign was launched to dismantle the effluent storage tanks located under the cells. The team encountered various problems such as finding a high level of radioactivity inside the enclosures which restricted the dismantling operators' access. Another issue addressed in the tape is that the work area, located inside the production site, could not interfere with the work of the staff located nearby, during the evacuation of the waste and decontamination of the inside of the enclosures. The dismantling was completed in 1994.