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Disused Sealed Source Management

disused sealed radioactive sourceSealed radioactive sources have been in use for many decades for medical, industrial, and research applications. When the source is no longer wanted, it is classified as disused and may be in an unprotected state or potentially could be abandoned. Under those conditions, the source could create either safety or security issues which could result in radiological incidents. Read more on sealed radioactive sources.

IAEA’s Assistance to Member States:

The Waste Technology Section – under the IAEA programme on the management of Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources (DSRS) – assists Member States in implementing safe and cost effective technologies for recovering, conditioning and storing sealed radioactive sources. Direct assistance includes:

  • Recovering, characterizing, and conditioning DSRS for long term storage;
  • Providing assistance for the repatriation and/or recycle of high activity DSRS; and
  • Conditioning of disused radium sources.

In addition, the Waste Technology Section helps to improve national capabilities to manage of DSRS which includes:

  • Advising on designs for facilities to condition and store DSRS;
  • Providing technical procedures on the handling, conditioning and storage of DSRS;
  • Providing training on designing facilities and technical procedures.

To request IAEA’s assistance Member States should submit a request through the official channel to relevant regional division of the IAEA Department of Technical Cooperation or the Waste Technology Section in the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy. The request should include sufficient information on the radioactive sources and the extent of assistance requested.

The IAEA publications on management of disused sources can be found on the Management of Disused Sources Publications Page.

In addition, the Waste Technology Section maintains an International Catalogue of Sealed Sources and Devices(ICSRS) containing information on the design and technical specifications of sealed sources and devices containing sources, as well as major manufacturers

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