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  • Direct Assistance - Mobile Unit for Site Characterization of Contaminated Land


To support Member States in their remediation programmes, the IAEA offers several publications that cover various aspects of environmental remediation. The technical and non-technical topics range from planning and management to policies and strategies.

The existing publications on environmental remediation can be downloaded from the publications page.

Publications under preparation
  • Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to the Performance Assessment of Remediated Sites;
  • Application of Mathematical Models in the Assessment of Remediation Performances Applied in the Stabilization and Management of Mining and Milling Residues from Uranium and Non-uranium (NORM) Production Sites;
  • Cost Estimation and Planning of Environmental Remediation Projects;
  • Management of NORM Residues;
  • Stakeholder Involvement and Communication in Environmental Remediation Projects;
  • Financing approaches to Environmental Remediation Projects;
  • Life-cycle Environmental Management Approaches; and
  • Technical Aspects Related to The Design of Engineering Containment Barriers for Environmental Contamination;

Direct Assistance - Mobile Unit for Site Characterization of Contaminated Land

Characterization of a site to be remediated is a mandatory step and a prerequisite for a environmental remediation plan. However, many IAEA Member States do not have adequate analytical infrastructure for site characterization available. Therefore the pace of remedial work implementation reduces or these activities are not implemented at all.

The IAEA assists the Member States by offering mobile units for in situ measurements. Coupled with GPS and GIS systems the mobile units can play a crucial role in facilitating the implementation of a site characterization.

For further information, please contact the NEFW Contact Point.

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