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Predisposal Management of Radioactive Waste - Assistance to Member States

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Technical Cooperation

Direct technical assistance to recipient Member States in the area of predisposal is provided through the IAEA's Technical Cooperation Programme (TC). The assistance is delivered in the form of expert advice on topics of interest, procurement of equipment, scientific visits to facilities and organizations, training fellowships in advanced organizations, national workshops and training courses.

Several countries are supported for the management of their institutional, non-nuclear power plant waste. The common elements are retrieval and processing of legacy waste, waste characterization, conditioning of liquid waste, and assistance in design and/or operation of waste processing and storage facilities. National TC projects also support predisposal activities for NPP operational and decommissioning waste streams. Members States being supported through national projects in the current 2012-2013 TC cycle include Argentina, Georgia, Iraq, Jordan, Latvia, Mexico, Serbia and Ukraine.

Support is also given through regional projects in European region, such as:

(i) Strengthening Radioactive Waste Management Capabilities

The project provides adequate means for organization of on-the-job training course with standardized syllabus in Moscow SIA RADON for the younger operators of low level waste processing and storage facilities of participating Member States. It also provides an opportunity for organization of two workshops for operating waste managers devoted to common topics on various issues of management of either NPP waste or institutional waste in the region.

(ii) Supporting Decommissioning and Waste Management for the Chernobyl, Ignalina and A1 Nuclear Power Plants

The project focus is on specific needs of these three NPPs relating to decommissioning planning, costing, building and planning new RW facilities and technology transfer to decommission the plants and manage radioactive waste.

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Training Courses and Workshops

Training courses - orginized also in the framework of Technical Cooperation - provide an opportunity to train participants from Member States that need information and guidance on safe predisposal management of radioactive waste based on cost-effective technological solutions and good practices. Such training courses are organized regularly and their standardized training modules include training for:

  • Waste operators. The syllabus combines lectures and technology demonstrations and is best conducted in a designated regional Centre of Excellence.
  • Designers, operators and regulators. The training consists of an integrated package that combines technology, safety and security for setting up modular waste processing and storage facilities. The module is targeted at Member States with small volume of waste generation.

Two weeks training courses have been organized since 2005. New development includes considerations for longer training up to four weeks devoted to predisposal.

To provide opportunity to discuss best practices among peers and to share information and lessons learned, the workshops - organized in the framework of regional projects - are designed as required to address specific needs of participating Member States. These workshops also provide an opportunity to present, discuss and collect feedback on the draft technical documents developed by the Agency. The workshops in the framework of national projects are specifically devoted to particular national issues.

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