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Radioactive Waste Management Information Systems

An authoritative source of information and data on waste management is needed by waste management organizations, government bodies and individual scientists in Member States, as well as by other United Nations organizations. Also, many Member States rely for their national planning and reporting to international organizations on waste management and related issues on a reliable, robust and consistent body of information. No globally comprehensive source of such information exists at present. The Agency is therefore gathering, on a global scale, data on research, inventories, facilities and management practices on radioactive and other wastes for analysis and dissemination to its Member States and other interested parties, using up-to-date Internet technology. Improvement in waste management can be achieved by the use of appropriate technology and by facilitating the exchange of information and expertise on the various issues involved, for instance by advisory missions, expert contact groups and international peer reviews of waste management programmes and practices and by organizing and cooperating in conferences and symposia on important waste management issues. The Agency is uniquely placed to acquire and disseminate information on radioactive waste management through co-operation with its Member States.


Activities and Databases:


  • Net Enabled Waste Management Database (NEWMDB). Details.

  • Radioactive Waste Management Registry (RWMR). Details.

  • International Catalogue of Sealed Radioactive Sources and Devices (ICSRS). Details.

  • Development of Indicators of Sustainable Development for Radioactive Waste Management (ISD-RW) in Accordance with Chapters 22 and 40 of Agenda 21. Details.

  • Waste Management Research Abstracts (WMRA). Details.

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