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The IAEA has developed a database of sealed radioactive source models and models of devices containing sealed radioactive sources. The International Catalogue of Sealed Radioactive Sources and Devices (ICSRS) contains key manufacturing data for source and device models. ICSRS does not contain a list of actual physical sources or devices with their serial number, owner or location. But it can help identifying the model for a given (or "found") individual source or device and provide manufacturer, application area and the level of threat associated with a source model. The information provided by ICSRS can thus help in handling a given source or device safely.

Source Models: Information on source models (i.e. radionuclides, activity, category, shape, size, manufacturing details, uses, manufacturer/distributor, etc.). At present the Catalogue contains about 10000 source models.
Device Models: Information on device models including transport containers (i.e. description, applications, manufacturer/ distributor and identification of authorized sealed sources inside the device). At present the Catalogue contains about 10000 device models.
Suppliers: Addresses of source and device manufacturers and distributors. At present the Catalogue contains information about 1200 manufacturers/ distributors.


Target Group

The target group for use of this catalogue is widely varied, and includes regulators, professionals dealing with orphan sources, manufacturers, distributors, emergency response teams, users of sources/devices, law enforcement organizations, customs authorities, scrap yards and metal production plants and waste management companies.

Public Enquiries

Contact the nominated national coordinator(s) in your country for inquiries on a case-by-case basis on particular sources, devices or manufacturers.

Future Development and Updating

In order to make the Catalogue more effective and useful, further data are continuously added. Based on feedback and recommendations from users, continuous efforts are given to make it more user-friendly.


Since the primary purpose of the Catalogue is to help identifying disused, spent, and orphan sources, the Agency is answering inquiries from Member States on a case-by-case basis on particular sources, devices or manufacturers. The Catalogue is also distributed according to a dissemination policy. According to this policy one or many national coordinators should be nominated by each Member State or international organization. The procedure for your nomination is the following:

  1. If you have not already done so, please register with a new user account at the International Atomic Energy Agency by clicking the "register" link on the top right corner of http://nucleus.iaea.org/
  2. Please arrange to get nominated as ICSRS coordinator by your Government (Ministry, Reg.Authority,...) or organization in a letter through the official channels; we need address, tel. and fax number, e- mail address of each nominated person. Upon reception of your nomination, we will send you a confidentiality agreement
  3. The confidentiality agreement has to be signed and sent back to us. After receiving the signed confidentiality agreement, we will add ICSRS permissions to the account you have created
The catalogue can then accessed at http://icsrs.iaea.org/


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