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Coordinated Research Projects

Project activities are aimed at establishing and promoting good international practice on all aspects of decommissioning through collaborative activities that foster information exchange between participating individuals and organizations. The Coordinated Research Project on decommissioning concerns planning, management and organizational aspects in decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Planning, management and organizational aspects in decommissioning of nuclear facilities

Experience has shown that decommissioning can be undertaken without any deleterious effect on the safety of the workers, the public, or any identifiable impact on the environment, provided decommissioning activities are undertaken in accordance with a properly formulated plan. In addition, a dedicated decommissioning organization including any needed contractors should be in place to ensure timely and cost-effective management of the decommissioning project.

The objective of the CRP (2008-2012) was to promote the exchange of information on the planning, organizational and management experience by Member States in decommissioning of their nuclear facilities. Special emphasis was given to the development of decommissioning plans and decommissioning-oriented management techniques. The results are to be used to improve understanding of 'non-technical' characteristics of the decommissioning project which is important in the planning and implementation of decommissioning.

Output from this CRP – IAEA TECDOC-1702 – was published in 2013.

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