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The 27th IAEA CEG Plenary Meeting. 9 October 2013, Murmansk, Russia

Minutes of the 27th Plenery Meeting English Russian
1.0.0 Agenda English Russian
1.0.1 List of Participants English Russian


1.1 Russian Nuclear Legacy Programs and the Results of International Cooperation in Russia in 2012-2013. Proposals for the Future English Russian
1.2 G8 Global Partnership. French Contribution in 2002 - 2013 English Russian
1.3.1 Germany´s program in the frame of the „Global Partnership“ with Russia English Russian
1.3.2 German Support for Retrieval, Storage and Safety and Security Measures of Disused Radioactive Sources in Ukraine English Russian
1.4 Japan’s cooperation with Russia and other FSUCountries in 2012 - 2013 English Russian
1.5 Italian – Russian Cooperation Agreement for Global Partnership. Main projects, achieved results and critical issues English Russian
1.6 Norwegian nuclear legacy programme in Russia English Russian
1.7 Swedish programme in Russia and FSU English Russian
1.8.1 USA Radiological security cooperation with Russia English Russian
1.8.2 USA Global Nuclear Security English
1.9 Progress of NDEP NW Funded Projects English Russian
2.1 CEG Secretariat Report(Available on request)
3.1 Discharging of SNF from reactor 900 and preparation to removal of SNF from the core 910 English Russian
3.2 Osmos project for MK75 Crane Bridge monitoring in Gremikha(RUSSIA-FRANCE) English
3.3 Plans for handling CPS rods from VVR submarines at Gremikha and their removal to the Regional Center for Conditioning and Long-term Storage of Radioactive Waste in Saida Bay English Russian
3.4 Review of international projects for SNF and RW management in Andreeva bay site English Russian
3.5 Creation of infrastructure for SNF management at FSUE «Atomflot» English Russian
3.6 Execution of operations on disposal of floating maintenance base “Volodarskiy” in Saida bay English Russian
3.7 Current status and required initial steps for environmental remediation of the arctic seas from dumped radiation – hazardous objects. English Russian
3.8 Supervision of the SNF and RW removal from Andreeva Bay over 2010-2012. Medium-term work plan at Andreeva Bay for the nearest five years English
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