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IAEA Support of Research Reactor HEU to LEU Fuel Conversion

Milestone 3: Ready To Commission And Operate The Research Reactor And Its Anciliary Facilities

The third phase of the programme development consists of all the activities necessary to implement the first research reactor and complete most of the infrastructure development. During this phase, the greatest capital expenditures will occur. Attention by all organizations is crucial to the successful outcome and all have important roles to play.

At the end of this phase the operating organization will have developed from an organization capable of ordering a research reactor to an organization that can accept responsibility for commissioning and operating one. Procedures and arrangements to ensure safe control of research reactor under all conditions will have been developed as well as significant development and training for all levels of staff.

While achieving the third milestone is a major accomplishment, it should be remembered that it is only the beginning of a lasting commitment to the safe, secure and effective utilization of the research reactor.

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