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The Eurasia Research Reactor Coalition will connect almost 50 MW of isotope production capability to the technologies, logistics, production schedules and market expertise needed to close the supply gaps for certain important medical and industrial isotopes.

The coalition has at its base the proven capabilities and expertise of the nuclear research institutes in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, and the respected, cGMP certified isotope processing capabilities of the Institute of Isotopes in Hungary. It is supported by the market expertise and access of Eckert and Ziegler and Curative Technologies Corporation and International Nuclear Enterprise Group in the U.S., and by IsoSolutions in Canada. The coalition will focus initially on the large-scale production of Mo-99 medical isotope, as well as the much sought after Ir-192 industrial radio-isotope. Other isotope products and services will be added as the coalition grows.

The Eurasia Research Reactor Coalition products will directly serve to improve the health of people in both the affluent and the developing worlds. The coalition will also make a significant contribution to the utilization and sustainability of the reactors at the member institutes.

The coalition has been encouraged by the IAEA as part of the initiatives for regional cooperation and networking identified by the IAEA Board of Governors in its March 2007 meeting, with the additional support of a grant from the Washington D.C. based Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). The IAEA is serving as a facilitator to promote formulation and implementation of specific ideas for regional and international coalitions, focused on different thematic or regional areas, in order to improve sustainability and at the same time assisting reactors to meet high standards of nuclear material security, and to conform to international non-proliferation and threat reduction trends. This includes additional efforts to improve strategic and business planning, expand awareness of potential customers, and increase contacts between prospective customers and research reactor service providers.

The Eurasia Research Reactor Coalition initiative was formally launched in November 2008 at the IAEA HQ in Vienna, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. The founding coalition members expect to be in a position to begin substantive isotope supplies to the major markets during 2009.

The membership of the EARRC consists of:

Nuclear Research Institute plc., Rez, Czech Republic

Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. (IZOTOP), Budapest, Hungary

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Institute of Nuclear Research, Kiev, Ukraine

Institute of Nuclear Physics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Further information is available from: Ms. A. Zhukova.

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