Research Reactor Section

Utilization and Applications

The fleet of research reactors around the world has a well-documented history of contributing to peaceful nuclear research and technology development. These research reactors have helped in the education and training of generations of scientists, reactor operators, and engineers. They are also used for basic research, isotope production, neutron radiography, neutron beam research and material characterization and testing, among other applications. The Research Reactor Section works with IAEA Member States to ensure that each research reactor is as fully utilized as possible. For states that host research reactors, we can assist with developing projects that increase utilization, depending on the characteristics of the reactor. For states that do not have a research reactor, we work to develop regional collaborative efforts – mainly in the form of Research Reactor Coalitions and networks – that address research and training needs while also increasing reactor utilization.

This video describes the main applications of research reactors and the issues confronting research reactor utilization programmes in IAEA Member States.

Current Projects

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