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  • IAEA, France Sign Agreement for Virtual Research Reactor

    2014-10-15 | An agreement to deploy the Internet Reactor Laboratory (IRL) project in a French research reactor was signed between the IAEA and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission CEA on 26 September 2014 on the margins of the 58th IAEA General Conference. Read More →

  • Building Capacity

    2013-10-31 | The IAEA facilitates the establishment of research reactor networks and the use of modern technologies for capacity building. Read More →

  • Last Highly Enriched Uranium Leaves Czech Republic

    2013-04-05 | As recently announced by the US, Russian and Czech governments, a recent shipment of highly enriched uranium (HEU) research reactor fuel from the Czech Republic completed the removal of all HEU from the country to the Russian Federation, the country of origin. Read More →

  • Research Reactors: Ignored Yet Irreplaceable

    2012-02-09 | They are small and do not produce energy for electricity production. But for over half a century, research reactors have been fostering scientific innovation and education in more than 50 countries around the world Read More →

  • Virtual Learning - IAEA Internet Reactor Project Helps Scientists Cross Digital Divide

    2012-02-09 | Students without exposure to practical training may still have the right knowledge, but will find it difficult to apply it and perform useful work. This scenario is a daily reality, particularly for students in countries where research facilities and resources are limited. A project under development at the IAEA is bringing research reactors to remote classrooms with the help of live Internet streaming. Read More →

2011-06-30 Lynas Project
  • Malaysian Government Releases IAEA Report on Lynas Project

    2011-06-30 | Today the Malaysian Government has presented to the press and the public in Kuala Lumpur the final report of an IAEA expert mission that reviewed radiation safety at the Lynas Project, a rare earth processing facility under construction near Kuantan in Pahang state to the Malaysian Government. Read More →

  • MNB Interview with Pablo Adelfang, Head, Research Reactor Section

    2011-06-24 | With many states still considering launching nuclear power programmes, and others keen to develop more advanced reactors, attention is also focusing on research reactors (RRs). MNB asked IAEA's Pablo Adelfang about problems relating to the hundreds of RRs already in place and plans to build new ones. Read More →

2011-06-09 Lynas Project
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