Research Reactors

Meetings, Workshops and Conferences on Research Reactors

Year: 2016

D T Date Title Location Officer
2016-01-25 25 - 29 January 1st RCM of the CRP T34003 on "Condition Monitoring and incipient failure Detections of rotating Equipment at Research Reactors" Vienna, Austria H. K. Kim
2016-06-20 20 - 23 June TM on Lessons Learned from RRRFR Programme 2016 Charleston, USA S. Tozser
2016-06-27 21 -26 June Technical Meeting on "Role of Research Reactors in Providing Support to Nuclear Power Programmes" Vienna, Austria A. Borio-Di-Tigliole
2016-06-27 27 June - 1 July Technical Working Group on RR annual meeting Vienna, Austria A. Borio-Di-Tigliole
2016-07-18 18 - 22 July Second RCM of the CRP on Benchmarks of Computational Tools against Experimental Data on Fuel Burnup and Material Activation for Utilization, Operation and Safety Analysis of Research Reactors Vienna, Austria F. Marshall, W. Kennedy, D. Ridikas
2016-08-29 29 - 31 August TM on Global Capabilities for the Production and Manufacture of non-HEU Mo-99 Targets Vienna, Austria J. Dix
2016-08-29 29 August - 2 September A9-RC-52349: Second RCM for RR SNF Management CRP Kjeller, Norway F. Marshall
2016-10-10 10 - 14 October Training Workshop on E-learning tools for Neutron Activation Analysis Vienna, Austria D. Ridikas
2016-10-17 17-21 October Training Workshop on Specific Consideration and Milestones for a New RR project Vienna, Austria A. Borio-Di-Tigliole
2016-10-17 17 - 21 October 3rd RCM of the CRP T34002 on "Establishment of Material Properties Database for Irradiated Core Structural Components for Continued Safe Operation and Life time Extension of Ageing Research Reactor? Vienna, Austria H. K. Kim
2016-12-12 12 - 14 December TM on the Conversion of Miniature Neutron Source Reactors from High Enriched Uranium to Low Enriched Uranium Fuel Vienna, Austria J. Dix
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