Research Reactors

Meetings, Workshops and Conferences on Research Reactors

Year: 2015

D T Date Title Location Officer
2015-04-01 1 - 30 April Workshop on research reactor core and primary system NDE/ISI techniques Vienna, Austria H.K. Kim
2015-04-13 13-17 April 1st RCM of the IAEA CRP T12026 on Benchmarks of Computational Tools against Experimental Data on Fuel Burnup and Material Activation for Utilization, Operation and Safety Analysis of Research Reactors Vienna, Austria F. Marshall
2015-04-20 20 - 24 April Joint ICTP-IAEA Meeting on Nuclear Data for Neutron Dosimetry and Analytical Methods on Research Reactors Trieste, Italy D. Ridikas
2015-05-04 4 - 8 May Traning Workshop on Assessment of the National Nuclear Infrastructure to Support a New Research Reactor Project Vienna, Austria A. Borio
2015-06-03 3 - 5 June Technical Meeting on Lessons Learned from the Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return Programme Samarkand, Uzbekistan S. Tozser
2015-06-08 8 - 12 June 1st RCM of the IAEA CRP T33001 on "Options and Technologies for Managing the Back End of the Research Reactor Nuclear Fuel Cycle" Vienna, Austria F. Marshall
2015-06-22 22 - 27 June 3rd RCM of the CRP on IAEA CRP 1888 / F12025 Development of an Integrated Approach to Routine Automation of Neutron Activation Analysis Vienna, Austria D. Ridikas
2015-07-07 7 - 10 July Technical Meeting on Research Reactor Coalitions: enhanced networking in Latin-America and Caribbean region Kingston, Jamaica D. Ridikas
2015-07-20 28 Sept - 2 Oct IAEA Training Workshop on Advanced Use of Neutron Imaging for Research and Applications Villigen, Switzerland D.Ridikas
2015-07-20 20 - 24 July Annual meeting of the Technical Working Group on Research Reactors (TWGRR) Vienna, Austria A. Borio
2015-10-05 5 - 9 October Technical Meeting on Research Reactor Ageing Management, Refurbishment and Modernization Boston, USA D. Rao
2015-10-12 12 - 16 October IAEA Training Workshop on research reactor related modelling from core optimization to safety analysis various applications Vienna, Austria F. Marshall
2015-10-12 12 - 15 October Workshops/Training Courses on RR Back end and Spent Fuel Management Vienna, Austria S. Toszer
2015-11-16 16 - 20 November IAEA International Conference on Research Reactors: Safe Management and Effective Utilization Vienna, Austria A. Borio
2015-12-14 14 - 18 December Training Workshop on optimising the economy of the research reactor fuel cycle Vienna, Austria F. Marshall
2015-12-14 14 - 18 December Digital Instrumentation & Control systems Upgrades and Maintenance issues at RRs Vienna, Austria C. Morris
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