Research Reactor Section

Infrastructure, Planning and Innovation

The Research Reactor Section's work in this area is mainly focused on gathering and sharing pertinent information amongst Member States about planning for research reactor projects, new and innovative research reactor technologies, and supplying material and human resource needs for developing research reactor infrastructure. We aim to increase the competence of interested Member States in planning and implementation of large scale research reactor projects; this includes developing human resources, planning for the construction of new research reactors, and implementation of new technologies, structures, and components to satisfy evolving demand for research reactor goods and services.

Young scientists training during the
EERRI Group Fellowship Training Course

By helping young scientists learn to use research reactor applications and providing them with real-world experience, the IAEA is helping advance the field of science in many developing countries. These IAEA-supported courses intend to facilitate training in research reactor applications and practical exercises for nuclear scientists and reactor staff in the developing world and newcomer states.

Current Projects

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