Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

Technical Working Group on Fuel Performance and Technology (TWGFPT)


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The Technical Working Group on Fuel Performance and Technology (TWGFPT) was set up in 1976 and now consists of experts from Member States and International Organizations, which have significant fuel-related national programmes in R&D, manufacturing and operation of fuels for different types of nuclear power reactors. Being the main advisory tool in planning and implementation of activities within the IAEA Sub-programme “Nuclear power reactor fuel”, and as a facilitator of international cooperation in this area, the TWGFPT brings about benefits to both the IAEA and all interested Member States.

Within the period from 2005 to 2015 the TWGFPT has initiated about 15 Coordinated Research Projects, 30 Technical Meetings, and a large number of specialised studies and training events. In most of cases those activities have been implemented within the Nuclear Energy Department, but in some cases – in cooperation with the Department of Nuclear Safety and the Department of Nuclear Science and Applications.

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