Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

Management of Spent Fuel from Power Reactors

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By using information and guidance provided by the IAEA, the Member States can improve their capabilities to plan, develop, and implement safe, environmentally viable and efficient spent fuel management. Hence, fostering the application of good practices and sharing of experience is a particularly relevant task for the IAEA. In addition, signatory countries of the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and Radioactive Waste Management can benefit from the IAEA's efforts to foster the application of good practices in the spent fuel management area.

IAEA's Support to Member States

The programme on 'Management of Spent Fuel from Power Reactors' supports Member States, for example, through two projects:

Technical working groups, technical meetings, workshops, seminars and publications are some of the additional ways how the Member States can benefit from the programme.

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