Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

Nuclear Power Reactor Fuel Engineering

While adhering to appropriate safety margins, effective design and manufacturing technologies, and optimized in-pile fuel performance are required to ensure reliability and economic efficiency in nuclear fuel utilization. To support this, the IAEA's subprogramme on Nuclear Power Reactor Fuel Engineering assists interested Member States in organizing an adequate R&D programme by transferring information and sharing experiences. The two current projects are:

IAEA's Assistance to Member States

The programme on Nuclear Power Reactor Fuel Engineering covers the following topics of expertise:

  • Development, design and engineering;
  • Fabrication: manufacturing techniques, nuclear safety and radiation protection in fuel fabrication;
  • Behaviour, analysis and modelling:
    • behaviour during normal and overpower operation;
    • behaviour under postulated and severe accident conditions;
    • properties of zirconium alloys and other core materials relevant to performance;
    • corrosion and hydrogen effects;
    • post-irradiation examination;
    • inspection, reconstitution and repair; and
    • relationship with back-end requirements.
  • Utilization and management;
  • MOX, alternative fuels and advanced fuel technologies and materials;
  • Economic and other aspects, e.g. environmental issues;
  • Quality assurance and control.
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