Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Related Databases

Objective: To enable interested Member States, organizations and stakeholders to use reliable, up-to-date information and future trends of nuclear fuel cycle parameters for various purposes, such as policy making, strategic planning, research/development and planning of uranium and fuel production and construction of facilities.

Details: Any activities related to the international nuclear fuel cycle have to rely on the availability of information. As described in the Medium Term Strategy, the IAEA plays a catalytic role in the international effort to maintain and increase knowledge, understanding and expertise in the nuclear fuel field, particularly through the collection and dissemination of scientific and technical information. Information systems covering databases on uranium deposits, fuel performance and fuel cycle facilities, and computer models of the nuclear fuel cycle which forecast future trends such as uranium requirements, spent fuel arisings, required capacity for storage, separated civil plutonium inventory and others are very important for various uses in nuclear fuel cycle activities.

Under this project, there are a number of databases which are maintained and updated by the IAEA. These are:

Integrated Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information System (iNFCIS)

Access iNFCIS online

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