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The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information System (NFCIS) is a computerized database designed to provide information on civilian nuclear fuel cycle facilities worldwide.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) began development of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information System (NFCIS) in 1980s. The NFCIS is an international directory of civilian nuclear fuel cycle facilities. The purpose of this database is to provide Member States and the IAEA, with current, consistent, and readily accessible information on existing and planned nuclear fuel cycle facilities throughout the world.

The NFCIS contains information on facilities such as: uranium ore processing, recovery of uranium from phosphoric acid, uranium refining, conversion and enrichment, uranium and mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication, wet and dry away-from-reactor spent fuel storage, reprocessing, heavy water production, production of Zircaloy and Zircaloy tubing fabrication.

In order to provide comprehensive information on the nuclear fuel cycle industry, non-operational facilities are included in the database in addition to the operational nuclear fuel cycle facilities. The term 'non-operational facilities' refers to facilities under study, under construction, awaiting licensing, planned, standby, closed or decommissioned, cancelled projects, deferred projects and facilities of unknown status. In addition to commercial facilities, information on some laboratory, test scale and pilot plant facilities is also provided to illustrate research and developments in the field.

The information is obtained from authoritative published sources and through questionnaires sent to IAEA Member States (1980, 1987, 1992, 1994, 1999 and annualy starting from 2004). It was published as STI/PUB/794 in 1988 and STI/PUB/978 in 1996. Currently, NFCIS contains information on more than 650 facilities in 54 countries.

A new Technical Document has been published out of the NFCIS database in April 2009 as IAEA TECDOC 1613. Electronic version of the document is available in IAEA-TECDOC-1613.

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