Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

Advanced Nuclear Fuels and Fuel Cycles

Supporting development of proliferation resistant fuel cycles

The project on Supporting development of proliferation resistant fuel cycles aims to increase the capability of interested Member States to develop technologies through information exchange of disposition of separated plutonium, reprocessing uranium and depleted uranium and other nuclear materials arising from fuel cycle options and ex-defence plutonium and HEU.

A number of activities are implemented under this project:

For further information, please contact the NEFW Contact Point.


Management of separated plutonium and reprocessed uranium arising from reprocessing of spent fuel and depleted uranium from enrichment processes is a current challenge which must be met to alleviate concerns about a sustainable nuclear fuel cycle. These nuclear material arisings are related to various nuclear fuel cycle options. In addition, there are other issues associated with the management of ex-defence plutonium and HEU. These nuclear materials are introduced into the nuclear fuel cycle activities. Disposition or peaceful use of the materials involves to some degree risks with regard to proliferation, environmental burden and safety. The IAEA is expected to address these inter-linking issues, particularly those arising from the current nuclear fuel cycle options and former defence purposes. The exchange of information and the fostering of technical developments to solve the issues are of great importance to alleviate concerns and build mutual understanding of possible approaches to their solution.

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