Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

Advanced Nuclear Fuels and Fuel Cycles

Supporting emerging nuclear fuel cycle technologies for advanced and innovative reactors

To improve existing mechanisms and practices related to nuclear fuel cycles, the IAEA project on Enhancement of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Materials Processing and Management Technologies aims to increase capabilities of Member States in the field of advanced fuel cycle technologies. There are a number of activities implemented under this project to foster information exchange and assess the beneficial use of these technologies:

For further information, please contact the NEFW Contact Point.


Various new technologies and concepts with regard to nuclear fuel cycle are being developed, proposed or conceived today. Development of advanced and innovative fuel cycle technologies includes:

  • Pyro-process;
  • Partitioning and transmutation of especially minor actinides;
  • Direct use of spent PWR fuel in CANDU (DUPIC) system;
  • Fuel cycle concepts with minimum waste release or with proliferation resistance;
  • Use of thorium and inert-matrix fuel; and
  • Other synergistic fuel cycles combined with reactor systems.

These new technologies and concepts propose unique features and special attributes to enhance proliferation resistance, resource conservation, environmental preservation, economic efficiency, safety, and/or waste reduction.

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