Nuclear Fuel Cycle & Materials

Meetings, Workshops and Conferences on Nuclear Fuel Cycle & Materials

Year: 2015

D T Date Title Location Officer
2015-04-13 13 - 17 April First Training Meeting on Uranium Exploration, Mining and Processing in Francophone Africa Libreville, Gabon I. Miko-Dit-Angoula
2015-04-22 22 - 24 April Technical Working Group on Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options Vienna, Austria P. Standring
2015-04-23 23 - 24 April Plenary Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Fuel Performance and Technology Vienna, Austria V. Inozemtsev
2015-04-27 27 - 30 April Training Meeting/Workshop on Uranium Mining and Processing and on Related Health, Safety and Environment Aspects with a Focus on Francophone Africa Vienna, Austria I. Miko-Dit-Angoula
2015-06-22 22 - 24 June Technical Meeting on Uranium Deposits Formed in the Gondwana Supercontinent: The Importance of the Gondwana, Karoo, Paran´┐Ż and Similar Sedimentary Basins more» Vienna, Austria H. Tulsidas
2015-06-24 24 - 26 June Technical Meeting on Challenges in Reprocessing of Fast Reactor Fuels Vienna, Austria U. Basak
2015-08-24 24 - 28 August Leadership Academy on Sustainable Uranium and Critical Materials Production from Phosphates and Other Sources more» Vienna, Austria H. Tulsidas
2015-09-29 29 Sept - 1 Oct Technical Meeting on Uranium Deposits Associated with Sedimentary Environments more» Vienna, Austria A. Hanly
2015-11-02 2 - 5 November First Research Coordination Meeting on the Geochemical and Mineralogical Characterization of Uranium and Thorium Deposits Vienna, Austria H. Tulsidas
2015-11-09 9 - 11 November Technical Meeting on Quantitative Uranium Resource Assessments Vienna, Austria M. Fairclough
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