Nuclear Fuel Cycle & Materials

Meetings, Workshops and Conferences on Nuclear Fuel Cycle & Materials

Year: 2016

D T Date Title Location Officer
2016-04-11 11 - 15 April Third Research Coordination Meeting on Demonstrating the Performance of Spent Fuel and Related Storage System Components during Very Long Term Storage Santander, Spain A. Bevilacqua
2016-04-20 20- 21 April Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Fuel Performance Technology (TWG-FPT) Vienna, Austria M. Veshchunov
2016-04-26 26- 28 April Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options and Spent Fuel Management (TWG-NFCO) Vienna, Austria A. Gonzalez
2016-05-03 03- 06 May Second Research Coordination Meeting on the Reliability of High Power, Extended Burnup and Advanced PHWR Fuels Buenos Aires, Argentina U. Basak
2016-05-30 30 May - 03 June Second Research Coordination Meeting on Fuel Modelling in Accident Conditions (FUMAC) Vienna, Austria M. Veshchunov
2016-06-06 06 - 10 June Technical Meeting on Design Extension Conditions for Storage Facilities of Power Reactor Spent Fuel Vienna, Austria A. Bevilacqua, P. Standring
2016-06-21 21 - 24 June Technical Meeting on Advanced Fuel Cycle for Waste Burden Minimization more» Vienna, Austria A. Gonzalez
2016-06-27 27 June - 01 July First Research Coordination Meeting on Spent Fuel Performance Assessment and Research (SPAR-IV) Vienna, Austria P. Standring
2016-09-14 14 - 16 September Technical Meeting on Uranium Mineral Economics and Strategy Vienna, Austria M. Fairclough
2016-09-26 26 - 29 September Technical Meeting of the Uranium Mining and Remediation Exchange Group Grand Junction, USA P. Woods
2016-10-10 10 - 14 October First Research Coordination Meeting on Ageing Management Programmes for Dry Storage Systems Vienna, Austria P. Standring
2016-10-17 17 - 24 October First Research Coordination Meeting on Accelerator Simulation and Theoretical Modelling of Radiation Effects (SMoRE-II) Vienna, Austria M. Veshchunov
2016-10-25 25 - 28 October Training Workshop on Uranium Geochemistry in the Asia Pacific Region Bangkok, Thailand M. Fairclough
2016-10-30 30 October - 02 November Technical Meeting on Light Water Reactor Fuel Enrichment beyond the 5% Limit: Perspectives and Challenges Vienna, Austria M. Veshchunov
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