Call for Abstracts: International Conference on Decommissioning Challenges

The 5th International Conference on
Decommissioning Challenges will be held in
Avignon, France on 7–11 April 2013.

3 July 2012 | The 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Decommissioning Challenges – Industrial Reality and Prospects will take place in Avignon, France, on 7 to 11 June 2013. It is organized by the French Nuclear Society (SFEN) in cooperation with the IAEA, the American Nuclear Society, the European Nuclear Society and OECD/Nuclear Energy Agency.

The deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended to 13 July 2012. Authors should submit a one-page 500 word abstract in English and text only via the conference website at

The conference, which is held every five years, will provide a forum for discussing the regulatory, social, scientific and technical aspects of decontamination, decommissioning and associated material and waste management and site/building reuse.

A special session is being organized by the IAEA's International Decommissioning Network (IDN) on sodium treatment and decommissioning of sodium facilities. Several papers on decommissioning activities supported by the IAEA will be presented during the conference sessions.

In plenary lectures and parallel sessions the following topics will be addressed:

  • Strategy and Program Development
  • Regulation Evolution, Techniques and Process Improvements
  • Project Feedback Experience including Transition Phase from Operation to Decommissioning
  • Material Management
  • Buildings and Sites Rehabilitation
  • Economic and Financial Aspects
  • Stakeholders Involvements and Public Acceptance
Presidents of the Conference:
Marie-Claude Dupuis, ANDRA • Arnaud Gay, AREVA • Christophe Behar, CEA • Jean-Marc Miraucourt, EDF

General Chair:
Luc Oursel, AREVA

Technical Program Chairs:
Jean-Guy Nokhamzon, CEA • Philippe Bernet, EDF • Jean-Didier Botti, NUVIA

International Program Committee:
Marc Butez, ANDRA (France) - Michel Dutzer, ANDRA (France) - Con Lyras, ANSTO (Australia)- Fernand Benchikhoune, AREVA (France) -Thierry Varet, AREVA (France) – Robert Walthery, BELGOPROCESS (Belgium) – Didier Dubot, CEA (France) - Christine Georges, CEA (France) - Philippe Guiberteau, CEA (France) - Paloma Diaz Arocas, CIEMAT (Spain) - Stéphane Beguin, EDF (France) – Christian Blandin, EDF (France) - Alain Ensuque, EDF (France) - Andrew Szilagyi, DOE (USA) – Ute Blohm-Hiebe, EC - Thomas Kirchner, EC - Alexandro Rodriguez, ENRESA (Spain) – Axel Bäcker, EWN GmbH (Germany) - Jean-Jacques Peraudin, GEOVARIANCES (France) – Irena Mele, IAEA - Hiroshi Rindo, JAEA (Japan) - Jeikwon Moon, KAERI (South Korea) – Victor Volkov, KURCHATOV INSTITUTE (Russia) - Tom Laguardia, LA GUARDIA (USA) – John Bowen, MEGA-TECHSERVICES (USA) – Melanie Brownridge, NDA (UK) - John Mathieson, NDA (UK) – Sue Aggarwal, NMNT International (USA) – Hans Riotte, OECD/NEA - Joseph E. Carignan, PROJECT SERVICES GROUP (USA) - Evgeny Komarov, ROSATOM (Russia) - Guy Collard, SCK CEN (Belgium) - Jan Carlsson, SKB (Belgium) - Gustafson Lennart, STUDSVIK (Sweden)

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