Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology


D T Date Title Location Officer
2014-01-27 27 - 28 Jan TM on Conversion Planning for Molybddenum-99 Production Facilities from Highly Enriched Unranium (HEU) to Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) Vienna, Austria R. Sollychin
2014-02-17 17 -21 Feb Training Course on Uranium Exploration, Mining and Processing in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities Casablanca, Morocco I.Miko-Dit-Angoula
2014-02-17 17 -21 Feb Second Research Coordination Meeting on Improved Instrumentation and Control Maintenance Techniques for Research Reactors Using the Plant Computer Vienna, Austria C.Morris
2014-02-17 17 -21 Feb Technical Meeting on Condition Monitoring and Incipient Failure Detection of Rotating Equipment in Research Reactors Vienna, Austria C.Morris
2014-03-17 17 - 21 March Annual Meeting of the Constraints to Implementing Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Project Vienna, Austria H.Monken-Fernandes
2014-03-24 24 - 28 March First Research Coordination Meeting on Innovative Methods in Research Reactor Analysis: Benchmarking against Experimental Data on Fuel Burnup and Material Activation Vienna, Austria D. Ridikas / A. Borio
2014-03-30 30 Mar - 3 April 18th Topical Meeting on Research Reactor Fuel Management (RRFM) Ljubljana, Slovenia P.Adelfang
2014-04-01 1 - 4 April Annual Meeting of the International Radioactive Waste Technical Committee Vienna, Austria I.Mele
2014-04-24 24 - 25 April Annual Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Fuel Performance and Technology Vienna, Austria V.Inozemtsev
2014-04-28 28 - 30 April Annual Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options and Spent Fuel Management (TWG-NFCO) Vienna, Austria G.Dyck
2014-05-12 12 - 16 May Training Workshop on Specific Considerations and Milestones for a Research Reactor Project more» Vienna, Austria A. Borio / A. Shokr / D. Ridikas
2014-05-12 12 - 15 May 3rd RCM on Benchmarking of Structural Materials Pre-Selected for Advanced Nuclear Reactors Vienna, Austria V.Inozemtsev
2014-05-19 19 -23 May Annual Technical Meeting of the International Low Level Waste Disposal Network TBD P.Ormai
2014-05-26 26 - 30 May TM on the WWER Radioactive Waste Operations Benchmarking System Vienna, Austria M.Ojovan
2014-06-09 9 - 13 June 2nd Training Workshop on Uranium Exploration, Mining and Processing for Francophone African States Vienna, Austria I.Miko-Dit-Angoula
2014-06-10 10 -12 June Technical Meeting of the Miniature Neutron Source Reactor Working Group Vienna, Austria R. Sollychin
2014-06-16 16 - 20 June Technical Meeting for the Development of a Compendium on Research Reactor Utilization for Higher Education Programmes Vienna, Austria A. Borio
2014-06-18 18 - 20 June Technical Meeting on Lessons Learned from Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return (RRRFR) Programme Danang, Vietnam S. Tozser
2014-06-23 23 - 27 June International Symposium on Uranium Raw Material for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Exploration, Mining, Production, Supply and Demand, Economics and Environmental Issues more» Vienna, Austria P. Woods/ H. Tulsidas
2014-06-23 23 - 27 June Technical Meeting on Research Reactor User Networks: Standardization of Neutron Imaging for Industrial Applications Vienna, Austria D. Ridikas
2014-06-30 30 June - 4 July Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Research Reactors Vienna, Austria A. Borio
2014-06-30 30 June - 4 July Technical Meeting on Accelerator-Driven Systems (ADS) TBD P. Adelfang
2014-07-08 8 - 10 July TM on Lessons Learned in Spent Fuel Management more» Vienna, Austria P.Standring
2014-09-23 23 - 24 September TM of the Uranium Mining and Remediation Exchange Group (UMREG) Freiberg, Germany P.Woods
2014-09-29 29 Sep - 3 Oct Technical Meeting on Research Reactor Coalitions: Enhanced Networking in the Asia- and the Pacific Region Dalat, Vietnam D. Ridikas
2014-09-29 29 Sep - 1 Oct Traning Workshop on Technical Requirements in the Bidding Process for a New Research Reactor Vienna, Austria A. Borio
2014-10-06 6 - 10 Oct Workshop/Training Course on the Back End of the Research Reactor Fuel Cycle and Spent Fuel Management Vienna, Austria S. Tozser
2014-10-13 13 - 17 Oct Training Workshop on the Development of Research Reactor User Communities and Industrial Partnerships Vienna, Austria D. Ridikas
2014-10-13 13 - 17 Oct TM on on Accident Tolerant Fuel Concepts for Light Water Reactors more» Vienna, Austria V. Inozemtzev
2014-10-14 14 - 17 October Training Meeting on Best Practise in the Uranium Production Cycle - Exploration Through to Mining more» Jakarta, Indonesia M. Fairclough
2014-10-15 15 - 17 Oct Technical Meeting of the International Working Group to Support the Transition of Molybdenum-99 Production Away From the Use of High Enriched Uranium Vienna, Austria J. Dix
2014-11-11 4 - 7 November Technical Meeting on Unconventional Uranium Resources more» Vienna, Austria H. Tulsidas
2014-11-17 17 - 21 Nov Technical Meeting on Enhanced Utilization of Zero Power Reactors and Subcritical Assemblies Bariloche, Argentina D. Ridikas / S. Tozser
2014-11-24 24 - 28 Nov Training Workshop on the Implementation of a Management System for Research Reactor Operating Organizations Vienna, Austria A. Borio / D. H. Rao / J. Boogaard
2014-11-24 24 - 26 November Technical Meeting on Uranium as a By-product and Co-product with Emphasis on Base and Precious Metal and Related Deposits more» Vienna, Austria M. Fairclough
2014-12-10 9 -12 December Technical Meeting on Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information more» Vienna, Austria H. Tulsidas
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