Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials

Management of Spent Fuel from Power Reactors

Technical Meeting on Spent Fuel Storage Options

2-4 July 2013,
IAEA Headquarters, VIC, Vienna, Austria

The International Atomic Agency held a technical meeting in Vienna, Austria from the2nd to the 4th of July discussing “Spent fuel storage options”. It was attended by 38 participants from 23 member states and representatives of the IAEA. 24 of them gave presentations about nuclear strategy and spent fuel storage.

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Agenda-4-IAEA Safety Standards and Activities on Safety of the Long-Term Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Agenda-5-ARGENTINA-Current status of spent fuel management in Argentina

Agenda-6-BULGARIA-SPENT FUEL Management at Kozloduy 06_13

Agenda-7-GERMANY-Situation of interim storage in Germany

Agenda-8-HUNGARY-Spent fuel storage in CEE_Takats_TM

Agenda-9-INDONESIA-Spent fuel management in Indonesia

Agenda-10-JAPAN of Dry Cask Inspection at Fukushima 2013 7

Agenda-11_-LITHUANIA Smaizys_Presentation_RBMK-1500_SNF_Storage_Experience_INPP

Agenda-12-RUSSIA-SECNRS experiences on spent nuclear fuel storage safety review

Agenda-13-SLOVAKIA-Spent fuel management in Slovakiam

Agenda-14-SWITZERLANDExternalspent fuel storage facility at NPP Goesgen Switzerland

Agenda-15-BRAZIL-Concept design of spent fuel complementary storage unit

Agenda-16-GREAT BRITAIN-Assessment of available techniques for the interim storage of AGR fuel

Agenda-18-IAEA-Lessons learned INIR

Agenda-19-TURKEY-AkkuyuNPP project and waste management policy of Turkey

Agenda-20-CANADA-MACSTOR Technology Highlights

Agenda-21-FRANCE-Sustainable solutions for used nuclear fuels

Agenda-22-JAPAN-Current status of Japan's ISFS

Agenda-23-KOREA-Forthcoming PWR spent fuel dry storage era to Republic of Korea

Agenda-24-USA-Evolution to ultra-high capacity spent fuel storage systems


Agenda-27-FRANCE-Managing degradation of materials in used nuclear fuel dry storagem

Agenda-28-JAPAN-Long-Term Integrity of Metal Cask and Concrete Cask

Agenda-30-PAKISTAN-Study-requirements of spent fuel storage pools in the light of Fukushima
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