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Chairman's Summing Up of the Ninth CEG Meeting's Major Decisions and Recommendations

(Berlin, Germany, 8 - 10 November 1999)

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The 9th CEG meeting, attended by 44 participants from 10 countries, 2 international organizations and the EC, took place in Berlin, Germany on 8-10 November 1999.

The meeting considered three major topical issues, namely:

Overall Strategy for Radwaste and Spent Fuel Management in the RF

The CEG:

Both documents have been intensively discussed and it was agreed that they made an important contribution to understanding the strategy for radioactive waste and spent fuel management in the RF.

The CEG:

and, in parallel,

Status of and Problems with Co-operation in the WM and SNF Management in the RF

The CEG reviewed the Summary information on the status of realization of the RF WM Programmes (presented by RF CEG member) and of major co-operation projects (presented by co-operating partners). There were many interesting presentations in particular those concerning siting of a possible radioactive waste repository in the North-West Russia and on the progress made on development of transport and storage casks for spent nuclear fuel.

The CEG Executive Secretary presented a summary information on the history, status of and problems with the "CEG Highest Priority Tasks".

The CEG:

CEG's organizational and financial matters

The CEG: