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Chairman's Summing Up of the Eighth CEG Meeting's Major Decisions and Recommendations

(Fredrikstad, Norway, 10 - 12 May 1999)

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The 8th CEG meeting, attended by 45 participants from 9 countries, 2 international organizations and the EC, took place in Fredrikstad, Norway on 10-12 May 1999.

The meeting considered three major topical issues, namely:


The results of the analysis by the CEG's "Strategy Working Group" of RF documents dealing with its strategy for radwaste and spent fuel management

The CEG was presented a report by the Chairman of the "Strategy Working Group" (SWG) on the outcome of the Group's meeting that had taken place in Brussels on 26-27 April 1999. Participants of this meeting were representatives of France, Germany, the Russian Federation, Sweden and the USA.

A major part of the SWG's meeting had been a presentation and review of a report prepared for the SWG by consultants Christopher Watson (AEA Technology, UK) and Mark Dutton (NNC, UK). This, following revisions made with the assistance of representatives of Minatom and Nuclide was distributed to the CEG.

The SWG had agreed on the following:


The SWG had attempted to answer a number of questions raised in an initial draft of its report concerning the role of the CEG in this area. However, they have not been able to respond fully to the questions as to what criteria should be used to set priorities for international funding. It was strongly recommended that the CEG address this issue very soon

The SWG proposed to the CEG that it continue the task it has started by completing the flow chart it had generated for submarine spent fuel and by developing flow charts for other sources (such as spent fuel and waste from NPPs, management of "institutional wastes", etc).


Steps to be undertaken towards development of better awareness on the part of international leadership on radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel and associated environmental problems in the Russian Federation

The CEG, considering the WM&SNF situation in the RF as alarming and requiring significantly broader and timely international support, decided to directly approach the international leadership with a concise information on the nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel problem in Russia (possibly accompanied by the List of Highest Priority Tasks) and appeal to consider possibility of a concerted Western assistance in solving these very acute problems.

The CEG Chairman has been asked to forward the CEG message to the Summit meeting using appropriate diplomatic channels. The CEG members were requested to undertake also appropriate supportive actions.

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