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Chairman's Summing Up of the Seventh CEG Meeting's Major Decisions and Recommendations

(Murmansk, 17 - 19 November 1998)

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The 7th CEG meeting took place in Murmansk, 17-19 November 1998 and was attended by 63 participants from 9 countries, 4 international organizations and the EU.

The meeting considered four major topical issues, namely:

Overview of Waste Management Developments in the RF and Implementation of the RF Waste Management Programme


Concept of a Plan of Actions for International Co-operation in Radwaste and Spent Fuel Management in the Russian Federation and Measures to Implementation of the Plan by Donor Organizations

The CEG took note on the presented by the RF member brief overview of two documents, important for understanding the RF’s overall WM & SF strategy and particularly their long-term priorities in the North of Russia: "Priority projects in the field of WM&SNF management and ecological rehabilitation of radiation-hazardous facilities in the Russian Federation" and "Programme of priority works for the provision of the utilization of atomic submarines (AS) decommissioned from the Russian Navy (VMF) and the environmental rehabilitation of radiation-hazardous objects in the North of Russia (1998-2005)".

The CEG considered measures to be undertaken for Implementation of the Highest Priority Projects by donor organizations and agreed that these measures would include, inter alia:

The CEG agreed that an Ad Hoc Working Group (WG) will be established in order to

The WM Strategy WG will consist of experts from EU, France, Germany, RF, Sweden and USA and will be chaired by its EU member. It is expected that the Group will work both by correspondence and, if necessary, by holding one or two meetings.

The CEG discussed and approved a List of Highest Priority Tasks (attached), as the CEG recommendations to its member countries / international organizations, as well as for possible consideration at the next meeting of the Euro-Barents Arctic Council and the Summit meetings next summer.

CEG Secretariat’s reports, organisational and financial matters


List of Highest Priority Tasks

  1. Development, fabrication and delivery of metal-concrete containers for storage and transportation of solid spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and containers for storage of radioactive waste (RAW).

  2. Interim storage for spent nuclear fuel of nuclear propulsion reactors at PO Mayak.

  3. Securing the removal of SNF, liquid and solid RAW from floating and on-shore storages (Andreeva Guba, Sysoeva Guba, Gremikha site).

  4. Reconstruction of tankers available in the Northern and Pacific fleet for their use as containers-carriers with submarine SNF and containers with RAW from isolated sites to points with railroad connections.

  5. Decommissioning of "Lepse" vessel and other floating vessels – storages of SNF and RAW.
  6. Creation of unloading complexes and RAW containers-collector sites at the submarine decommissioning plants to accelerate the discharging of spent nuclear fuel from decommissioned (but still floating) submarines.

  7. International safety assessment and, if positive, construction of a radioactive waste final repository at Novaya Zemlya.