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Chairman's Summing Up of the Fourth CEG Meeting's Major Decisions and Recommendations

(St. Petersburg, 9 - 11 June, 1997)

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The 4th CEG meeting took place in St. Petersburg on 9-11 June 1997 and was attended by 50 participants from 9 countries, 2 international organisations and the EC.

The meeting considered two major topical issues, namely:

Status of co-operation and obstacles

The presentations on and discussions of the status of co-operation and obstacles were concentrated on the four most important topical areas in the North-West region of Russian Federation:

After detailed discussions based on the comprehensive information presented by Russia, other countries and international organisations represented in the CEG and a Group of co-operating industrial companies with due account of "The Highlights of the Concept of Radioactive Waste Management in North-West Region of the Russian Federation", the CEG noted that the present situation is rather serious due to the well known economical difficulties and accordingly reduced level of state financing of the Russian Waste Management programme and that under these circumstances it is getting of utmost importance to specify a comprehensive strategy for solving the most urgent problems of waste management in the Russian Federation in general and in its North-West region in particular by:

The CEG strongly supported concentrating, at this stage, the efforts on the co-operation in the field of management of radioactive waste and of the spent nuclear fuel in the North-West region of the Russian Federation.

The CEG stressed the importance of early conclusion of negotiations now under way, further increase of financing of these projects and further expansion of the list of CEG members/observers financially supporting the projects.

The CEG also believes that it is important to seek financial support from such financial organisations as the World Bank, the EBRD and similar financing institutions.

The CEG appointed a drafting group, which on the basis of presentations and discussions at the meeting will prepare a paper to bring to the attention of the IAEA Board of Governors the serious difficulties in the most important and urgent radioactive waste management areas of highest priority in the North-West region of Russian Federation.

The CEG agreed on the procedure and schedule of the preparation of the document (by the end of August 1997).


Organisational and financial matters

The CEG approved the presented by the CEG Secretariat Financial Report.

The CEG decided