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Chairman's Summing Up of the First CEG Meeting's Major Decisions and Recommendations

(Moscow, 13 - 15 March 1996)

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The first CEG meeting took place in Moscow 13-15 March 1996 and was attended by 41 participants from 12 countries and 3 international organizations and the EC.

Six countries (Belgium, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia, and Sweden) have formally joined the CEG and were represented by CEG members appointed by their governments and accompanied by experts. Japan was represented by observers.

The remaining five countries (Canada, France, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom, and USA) have not yet defined the status of their participation. The CEG urged them to do this as soon as possible by replying to the IAEA Director General's letter dated 30 November 1995 addressed to their respective governments.

The CEG considered the chairmanship for the CEG and decided that the chairman for the first term of the CEG (two years) will be elected at a later CEG meeting. Therefore it was agreed to proceed with the practice of two preceding meetings in Vienna (May 1995) and Stockholm (September 1995) and to elect two chairmen for the first CEG meeting, namely Mr. Snihs (CEG member, Sweden) and Mr. Semenov (IAEA), who both served as co-chairmen at the Stockholm meeting.

The agenda of the meeting was approved.

It consisted of two major blocks of questions:

On technical questions the group:

On organizational questions the Group: