Contact Expert Group

Eighth Contact Expert Group (CEG) Meeting

(Fredrikstad, Norway, 10 - 12 May 1999)

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Monday, 10 May 1999
09.00-09.10 Opening of the Meeting
by CEG Chairman
09.10-09.20 Welcoming Statement
by Norwegian Host
09.20-09.30 Adoption of the Agenda
09.30-09.50 Introduction of Participants
by Heads of Delegations
09.50-10.35 Report of the Ad Hoc Working Group (AdWG) on:
  • The Results of its Analysis of the RF Documents that constitute an Overall Strategy for Radwaste and Spent Fuel Management in the RF
  • Suggestions on Measures Necessary for Implementation of Projects Supported by Donor Countries/Organizations
by AdWG Chairman
10.35-10.55 Coffee break
10.55-13.00 Continued
by CEG Chairman
13.00-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-15.15 Continued
15.15-15.45 Overview of Waste Management Developments in the RF and Implementation of the RF Waste Management Programme
by RF member
15.45-16.00 Overview of the Norwegian-Russian Co-operation in Waste Management and Spent Fuel Programmes
by Norway's member
16.00-16.20 Coffee break
16.20-18.00 Summary information on Status of Co-operation Projects
by CEG members/observers
Tuesday, 11 May 1999
09.00-09.45 Report on the results of consideration by the Barents Euro-Arctic Council of the CEG's Highest Priority Tasks and discussion of steps to be undertaken towards their possible consideration by Summit meetings this summer
09.45-11.15 Summing Up on Status of, Problems with and Measures necessary for realization of the CEG Highest Priority Tasks
by the CEG Executive Secretary
by CEG Chairman
11.15-11.50 Coffee break
Video-clip on the Co-operation Project IST 21/22 (ISTC 101)
11.50-12.50 CEG Secretariat's Reports on:
  1. CEG Secretariat's activities (November 1998-April 1999)
  2. Realisation of the 7-th CEG meeting's decisions
  3. Financial Report of the CEG Secretariat for 1998
  4. Updating on the CEG co-operation projects Data Base
  5. Present status of co-operation projects
  6. Progress reporting on the implementation of or negotiations on co-operation projects
by the CEG Executive Secretary
12.50-13.00 Time and place of the next CEG Meetings
by CEG Chairman
13.00-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-15.10 Organizational matters of the CEG operation
(CEG Members only)
  1. Continuation of activity of the CEG and its Secretariat
  2. Structure of CEG meetings' Agenda
    by CEG Chairman
  3. Information on Japan's participation in the CEG
  4. Information on the consideration by the IAEA Board of Governors of an information document on SF and WM situation in the counties of CEEC and NIS with the reference to the CEG operation
by the CEG Executive Secretary
15.10-16.00 Coffee break
(preparation of a draft Chairman's Summing Up)
16.00-17.00 Summing Up of the Meeting
(CEG members only)
by the CEG Chairman
Wednesday, 12 May 1999
08.30-11.00 Technical Visit to -the OECD Halden Reactor Project
11.00-12.30 Sandwich lunch in Halden
12.30 Technical Visit to the Himdalen nuclear waste repository