Contact Expert Group

Fourth Contact Expert Group (CEG) Meeting

(St. Petersburg, 9 - 11 June 1997)

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Monday, 9 June 1997
10.00 1. Adoption of the Agenda
10.10 2. Introduction by the Russian host
10.20 3. Report on the CEG Secretariat’s activities (January-May 1997), (by the CEG ES)

4. The status of waste management programmes in the North West (including Barents) region of the Russian Federation
(major projects, problems, financing, priorities, forgeign contribution)

4.A. Status of RF waste management programmes in the North West (including Barents) region of the Russian Federation

10.35 4.A.1. Brief overview of the implementation
10.50 4.A.2. Spent nuclear fuel (SNF) management (including infrastructure for transporting SNF)
11.30 Coffee break
11.50 4.A.3. Management of radioactive wastes arising during operation and dismantling of nuclear powered ships
12.30 Lunch break
14.00 4.A.4. Management of radioactive wastes produced in science, medicine and industry at the special enterprise "RADON"
14.30 4.A.5 Creation of a system of local radioacitve waste and SNF storages and repositories
(by the Russian CEG member and other speakers from the Russian side)

4.B. Status of co-operation with the RF in the areas 4.A.2 - 4.A.5 and other areas in the North West (including Barents) region of the Russian Federation

a. by CEG members
b. by CEG observers
16.30 Coffee break
c. by representative of BNFL-Kvaerner-SGN-SKB Group

4.C. Detailed discussion
(based also on the "Concept of Radioactive Waste Management in North-West Region of RF" presented at the 3rd CEG meeting by the RF participant)

and preparation of the CEG conclusions and recommendations in the form of a CEG document:

"International support directed to the identification of a comprehensive strategy and the solution of most urgent problems in radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management in the North-West (including Barents) region of the Russian Federation"
17.05-18.00 4.C.1. Discussion and formation of a small drafting group
Tuesday, 10 June 1997
9.00 4.C.1 Continued
9.25 4.C.2 Drafting of a text (by a small group)
9.25 Coffee break
10.30 4.C.3 Discussion and approval of the text
11.00 5. Informing the IAEA Board of Governors on CEG activities
(by the CEG ES)
11:30 6. Brief presentations on status of other (than those covered under item 4) co-operation projects
a. by CEG members

b. by CEG observers

12.30 Lunch break
7. Organizational matters of the CEG operation
(CEG members only)
14.00 7.A Form(s) of the CEG meeting’s concluding document(s)
(by the CEG Chairman)
14.10 7.B Financial report of the CEG secretariat (by May 1997)
(by the CEG ES)
14.20 7.C Continuation of activity of the CEG and its Secretariat
(by the CEG Chairman)
8. CEG Secretariat’s reporting on:
14.40 8.A Advancements in
i) the CEG co-operation projects Data Base
ii) the Data Base of nuclear installations generating or managing radioactive wastes in the Russian Federation
14.50 8.B Update on
i) present status of co-operation projects
ii) potential for overlapping or duplication of co-operation projects
15.00 8.C Update on the coverage by co-operation of the RF High Priority Projects and discussion of possible further actions (in addition to those discussed under item 4)
15.15 8.D First results of regular "progress reporting" on the implementation of or negotiations on co-operation projects (by the CEG ES)
15.25 9. Briefing on the technical visit
15.35 10. Time and place of the 5th CEG meeting
15.40 Coffee break
16.00 11. Summing up of the meeting by the CEG Chairman
17.00 Excursion to a historical palace, dinner in another historical palace accompanied by a concert programme
Wednesday, 11 June 1997
9.00-19.00 Technical visit to the Leningrad Special WM Combine "Radon" and to the Leningrad NPP