Contact Expert Group

Second Contact Expert Group (CEG) Meeting

(Vienna, 10 - 11 September 1996)

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Tuesday, 10 September 1996
10.00-10.15 Election of the CEG Chairman for the first term
10.15-10.20 Adoption of the Agenda
10.20-10.35 The CEG Executive Secretary’s Report on the CEG Secretariat activities (April - August 1996)
10.35-10.55 NEFCO/AMAP suggestion for establishment of an Ad Hoc Expert Team (AERT)
10.55-11.15 Coffee break
11.15-11.45 CEG Executive Secretary’s report on the establishment of the Data Base
11.45-13.00 Updates on the progress in implementation or negotiation of cooperation projects
a. by cooperationg countries and international organizations (approx. 15 min. each)
b. by Russian side (approx. 30 min.)
13.00-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-16.00 Continued
16.00-16.20 Coffee break
16.20-16.50 Classification of cooperation projects by categories:
a. present status
b. major topic
c. relevance to Russian priorities (to be presented by the Executive Secretary)
16.50-17.20 Assigning of CEG recommended priorities for the revised and prioritized list of Russian High Priorigy Projects
17.20-18.00 Identification of projects:
a. requiring additional information
b. with high priority requiring specialist peer-reviews
c. overlapping or potentially overlapping (p.p. 8a and c to be presented by the CEG Executive Secretary)
18.00-19.30 Wine & cheese party
(VIC Restaurant)
Wednesday, 11 September 1996
09.00-09.30 Two-year CEG Plan of Action (on the basis of the Draft prepared by the Secretariat and comments received)
Technical presentations on selected topics:
09.30-09.50 Development of metal-concrete containers for storage and transportation of spent fuel. (RF)
09.50-10.10 Radiation Protection assessment methods for radioactive waste facilities. (Sweden)
10.10-10.30 Bilateral Swedish-Russian cooperation: an overview. (Sweden)
10.30-10.45 Summary of IAEA’s activities in Waste Management cooperation with RF
10.45-11.05 Coffee break
Organizational problems of the CEG cooperation:
11.05-11.25 Decision-taking between CEG sessions
11.25-11.45 Organization and financing of peer reviews
11.45-12.05 Financing of the CEG Secretariat
12.25-12.35 Time and place of the 3rd CEG meeting
12.35-14.15 Lunch break
14.15-15.00 Summing up by the Chairman