Contact Expert Group

Tenth Contact Expert Group (CEG) Meeting

(Helsinki, Finland, 23 - 25 May 2000)

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Monday, 22 May 2000
  Arrival of delegations to the Hotel Ramada Hotelli Presidentti; Registration, distribution of meeting materials.

Informal working dinner to the Heads of delegations, Chairman and the Executive Secretary.

Tuesday, 23 May 2000
08.30-09.15 Transportation to the meeting place (Myyrmäki, Fortum)
09.15-09.20 1. Opening of the Meeting
by CEG Chairman
09.20-09.25 2. Welcoming Statement
by Ambassador René Nyberg of Ministry for Foreign Affairs
09.25-09.30 3. Adoption of the Agenda
09.30-09.50 4. Introduction of Participants
by Heads of Delegations
09.50-10.50 5. Presentation of the RF Federal Programme on "Nuclear and Radiation Security of Russia" for 2000-2006 (RF Government, Resolution No. 149 of 22.02.2000)
by RF CEG member
10.50-11.10 Coffee break

6. Strategy for Radwaste and Spent Fuel Management in the RF

a) Presentation of a revised and updated SWG documents (full and short versions) on "Russian strategy on management of RAW and SNF"

by SWG Chairman
12.10-12.30 b) Presentation of a "Plan of Actions" to realize the most important projects in the frame of the RF strategy and under the CEG High Priority Tasks
by RF CEG member
12.30-13.30 Lunch break (at the premises of Fortum)
13.30-14.00 7. Presentation on the CTR Programme
by CTR Representative

Discussion of presentations under items 5, 6 and 7

by participants

15.00-15.30 Coffee break
15.30-17.00 Discussion of presentations under items 5, 6 and 7 (continued)
17.00-17.30 8. Overview of Waste Management Developments in the RF and Implementation of the RF Waste Management Programme
by RF member
17.30-18.15 Transportation to the hotel
19.00-23.00 Cruise ini the Helsinki archipelago on board of a traditional wooden vessel; Supper
Wednesday, 24 May 2000
08.30-09.15 Transportation to the meeting place (Myyrmäki, Fortum)

9. The CEG Highest Priority Tasks

Revised information on the content and status of the CEG Highest Priority Tasks

by the CEG Executive Secretary

09.45-10.15 Discussion of presentations under items 8 and 9
by CEG members/observers

Presentation on Intergovernmental Working Group (co-operation between parliamentary and administration officials relating to nuclear spent fuel and waste problems in the Russian Federation)

by Thomas Jandl, Intergovernmental Working Group

10.35-11.00 Coffee break

11. Final Disposal: First results of the international co-operation project "Feasibility investigations into a nuclear repository on Novaya Zemlya"

by DBE Speaker

11.20-11.30 Discussion of presentations under items 10 and 11
by CEG members/observers
11.30-11.50 12. Presentation on the "Northern Dimension of the European Union" (preparation of the Action Plan on the Norden Dimension for the EU Summit in Feira in June 2000)
by Ari Heikkinen, Director, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland "

13. CEG Secretariat's Reports on:

a) CEG Secretariat's activities (November 1999-April 2000)

b) Realization of the 9-th CEG meeting's decisions c) Financial Report of the CEG Secretariat for 1999 and Forecast of financial situation in 2000

d) Updating of the CEG co-operation projects Data Base

e) Present status of co-operation projects

f) Status of "Progress reporting" on the implementation of or negotiations on co-operation projects

by the CEG Executive Secretary

12.45-14.00 Lunch break (and preparation by ES of a draft Chairman's Summing Up)

14. Time and place of the 11-th CEG Meeting in France

by the CEG Chairman


15. Organizational matters of the CEG operation (CEG members and their aids)

a) Status of nomination/re-nomination of the CEG members for the present (2 years) term of the CEG operation; by the CEG Executive Secretary

b) Information on the selection of the CEG Executive Secretary by the CEG Executive Secretary

c) Interview with the selected by the IAEA candidate for the post of the CEG Executive Secretary and discussion by the CEG Chairman

d) On the participation of the Netherlands and Japan in the CEG activities by the CEG Executive Secretary

14.50-15.30 Coffee break
(and finalization of a draft Chairman's Summing Up bt ES)
15.30-16.30 16. Summing Up of the Meeting
by the CEG Chairman
16.30-17.30 Ceremonial event
17.30-18.15 Transportation to the hotel
Wednesday, 10 November 1999

Technical Programme

  • visit to the Loviisa NPP's low and intermediate level waste repository
  • presentation of the status of the Finnish plan for final disposal of spent fuel by waste management company Posiva Oy
  • presentation on activities of the Loviisa Energy Center