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About the Nuclear Energy Department

Our Role

The Nuclear Energy Department fosters the efficient and safe use of nuclear power by supporting existing and new nuclear programmes around the world, catalyzing innovation and building indigenous capability in energy planning, analysis, and nuclear information and knowledge.

The NE Department provides services and advice to Member States on nuclear power and the nuclear fuel cycle for:

» Continued reliable and safe lifetime operation of present reactor systems and fuel cycle facilities
» Expanded use of nuclear power, particularly for countries currently without nuclear power, or with only small nuclear power programmes
» Development of advanced reactor systems and their fuel cycles for the long term
» Capacity building for energy analysis and planning
» Objective consideration of the role of nuclear power for sustainable development
» Development of nuclear knowledge management, information and communication

Under the leadership of Deputy Director General Mikhail Chudakov, the NE Department has principal responsibility for the IAEA´s Major Programme 1, on Nuclear Power, Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Science, and is also responsible for technological aspects of radioactive waste and decommissioning as part of Major Programme 3, on Nuclear Safety and Security.

Last update: Feb 16, 2015 2:24:02 PM