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Visiting Slovenian Nuclear Institutions

Visit to Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), Ljuljana, Slovania:
Control Room of the TRIGA research reactor at JSI

Meeting with Government Officials

Mr Alexander Bychkov, IAEA Deputy Director General for Nuclear Energy, visited Slovenia on 6 November 2012 and met with high-level government officials at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He was welcomed by State Secretary Dr Igor Šalamun and the Director General of the Directorate of Energy, Mr Julijan Fortunat. Since the area of energy falls within the Ministry’s responsibility, State Secretary Šalamun briefed the DDG about the current status and future plans for Slovenia’s nuclear energy programme. Slovenia has one nuclear power reactor in operation, a PWR with a power output of about 700 MWe at the Krško site.

 “We had a very useful discussion in which we addressed areas of potential cooperation between Slovenia and the IAEA on issues including plant life extension, support to plant operation, nuclear waste management and others”, said Mr Bychkov.

Visit to Jožef Stefan Institute

Mr Bychkov and Ms Irena Mele, Head of the IAEA Waste Technology Section, also paid a visit to the Jožef Stefan Institute’s Reactor Centre (JSI) in Ljubiljana, where they met with Prof Jadran Lenarčič, Director of JSI and senior managers of the Institute.

Named after the distinguished 19th century physicist Jožef Stefan, JSI is the country’s leading research organization responsible for a broad spectrum of basic and applied research in natural sciences and technology. It houses a 250-kW TRIGA Mark II light-water research reactor, which Mr Bychkov was invited to inspect. At the JSI Nuclear Training Centre, he gave a lecture on the IAEA’s activities and prospects of nuclear energy. Mr Bychkov also visited the storage of institutional radioactive waste, located at the site of JSI Reactor Centre and managed by ARAO, the Slovenian Agency for Radioactive Waste Management.

Tour of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant

A technical visit to the Krško Nuclear Power Plant concluded the one-day stay in Slovenia. Mr Stane Rožman, President of the Management Board, welcomed Mr Bychkov and Ms Mele and accompanied them on a technical tour of the nuclear power plant including the on-site spent fuel pool. Mr Rožman presented recent technical improvements made as recommended by European stress tests, such as a new diesel generator building, sensors for control of the spent fuel pool and movable equipment.

The Krško Nuclear Power Plant has been in operation since 1983. Recently, a life-time extension for 20 years was approved by the national authorities. The nuclear power plant is jointly owned by a Slovenian and a Croatian utility.

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