Nuclear Power

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  • IAEA Issues Revised Guidance Document for Countries Introducing Nuclear Power

    2015-09-03 | Clearer guidelines for the division of tasks between operators, the regulator and the Government, a more detailed list of activities for the introduction of nuclear power, and a blueprint for coordination mechanisms among players, including during the initial phase of nuclear infrastructure development are among the recommendations in the updated version of the IAEA's key guidance document for countries considering to introduce nuclear power. Read More »

  • IAEA Publishes Annual Report for 2014

    2015-09-01 | Along with an examination of the state of worldwide nuclear-related developments last year, the IAEA Annual Report 2014 provides a comprehensive look at the Agency's activities over the course of the year. Read More »

  • Announcing the 5th Nuclear Operator Organization Cooperation Forum

    2015-08-31 | "Nuclear Power Generation in the Next Decade: Challenges and Solutions for 2015-2025" is the topic of a side event to be held during the 59th IAEA General Conference on 16 September. The Forum will focus on the top ten areas for ensuring the safe, reliable and efficient operation of nuclear power plants over the next decade. Read More »

  • IAEA Reviews Kenya's Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development

    2015-08-31 | An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts has concluded an 8-day mission to review infrastructure development for a nuclear power programme in Kenya. The Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) was carried at the invitation of the Kenyan Government. Read More »

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2014-04-30 NENP, Inpro
2014-02-12 Infrastructure, NENP
  • Nuclear Newcomers

    Date: 2014-02-12 | Today, 30 countries use nuclear power and about the same number are considering to use it to meet their growing energy demands. Almost three years after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, two countries are already constructing their first nuclear power plants, and several are preparing for construction start. IAEA Nuclear Engineer Marta Ferrari explains how the IAEA supports these countries. View Video →

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Meetings 2015
  • 05-08 Oct
    TM on Best Practices in Media and Public Communication for Nuclear Power Programmes
  • 05-09 Oct
    TM on public acceptance for nuclear power in operatng and newcomer countries
  • 16-20 Oct
    3rd RCM on Flow Accelerated Corrosion Benchmarking at NPPs Read more»
  • 20-23 Oct
    Dialogue Forum 11 on Collaborative Project "Roadmaps for a Transition to Globally Sustainable Nuclear Energy Systems" (ROADMAPS)
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