Nuclear Power Technology Development

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  • Participants in the 48th TWG-FR meeting held at the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE) on 25-29 May 2015 in Obninsk, Russian Federation. (Photo: IPPE)

    IAEA Technical Working Group on Fast Reactors Reviews Status and Progress in Technology Development

    2015-07-22 | At their recent meeting in Obninsk, Russian Federation, the members of the IAEA Technical Working Group on Fast Reactors (TWG-FR) discussed latest developments in fast reactor technology, shared information about ongoing activities in different Member States and reviewed the current status and progress in IAEA activities in the area of fast reactors. Read More »

  • Status of Accelerator Driven Systems Research and Technology Development

    2015-07-09 | Some proposed long term nuclear fuel cycles include an innovative concept of a hybrid system for the transmutation of long lived radioisotopes, usually called accelerator driven system (ADS). This new report reviews different ADS concepts proposed worldwide since 2000 and helps to identify and encourage national and international efforts in this area. Read More »

  • Construction Site of the BN-800 Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor at the Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Station, Russian Federation. (Photo: Rosatom)

    Safety of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors Topic of IAEA-GIF Meeting

    2015-06-29 | Experts from Member States, the Generation IV International Forum (GIF), international organizations and the IAEA met in Vienna last week to discuss different aspects of safety for the Generation IV Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors (SFRs) under development worldwide. Read More »

  • IAEA Video and Keynote Addresses at the Opening Session of ICAPP 2015, Nice, France, 4 May 2015 <br> (Photo: M. Krause, IAEA)

    Nuclear Power After Fukushima: IAEA Projections

    2015-05-15 | In the spring 2015 edition of Harvard College Review of Environment & Society, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy, Mikhail Chudakov, writes that nuclear power remains an important option for many countries for improving energy security, reducing the impact of volatile fossil-fuel prices and fighting climate change. Read More »

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Meetings 2015
  • 25-28 Aug
    Technical Meeting on the Economic Analysis of High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors and Small and Medium Sized Reactors
  • 25-27 Aug
    Consultancy to Develop a Specification for a Fast Reactor Basic Principle Simulator
  • 31 Aug - 03 Sep
    Technical Meeting on Severe Accident Mitigation through Improvements in Filtered Containment Venting for Water Cooled Reactors
  • 01-03 Sep
    Technical Meeting on Technology Assessment for New Nuclear Power Programmes Read more»
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