Nuclear Power Technology Development

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    2017-01-01 | The IAEA has been developing a new website with a topical approach to activities, services, resources, news and events, and organizational information. It is work in progress to be finalized as soon as possible.
    Except for the 2017 Meeting Calendar, the information on the webpages of the Nuclear Power Technology Development Section, available here, is no longer updated.

    Please visit our new web page: Nuclear Power Technology Development Section

    Topical information on activities undertaken by the Nuclear Power Technology Development Section of the Division of Nuclear Power is available here. Read More »

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2013-06-25 NENP, Technology
  • Innovative Design

    2013-06-25 | For nuclear energy to play a substantial role in a sustainable global energy supply, both technical and institutional innovations are needed. Thomas KOSHY, from the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy, tells us about IAEA activities to promote innovation that will lead to more efficient, more affordable and more sustainable advanced reactor technologies. View Video →

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Meetings 2017
  • 14 - 17 Nov
    Second Research Coordination Meeting on Radioactive Release from the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor under Severe Accident Conditions
  • 20- 22 Nov
    Technical Meeting on the Responsibilities of Users and Vendors in Nuclear Desalination Projects Read more»
  • 23- 24 Nov
    2nd Consultant's Meeting on the User?Vendor Responsibilities in Nuclear Desalination Projects
  • 11- 15 Dec
    Training Workshop on the Development of Severe Accident Management Guidelines Using the IAEA's Severe Accident Management Guideline Development Toolkit Read more»
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