Technical Working Group on Nuclear Desalination (TWG-ND)

The Technical Working Group on Nuclear Desalination (TWG-ND) is a working group of Member States that operates within the framework of the IAEA Nuclear Energy Department. The role of the TWG-ND is to assist the IAEA in identifying and initiating activities enabling Member States in the process of preparatory actions for nuclear desalination demonstration projects, and actively contribute to the promotion and stimulation of nuclear desalination activities in Member States.

Members of the TWG on Nuclear Desalination shall be appointed by the Deputy Director General, Department of Nuclear Energy, following consultation with the respective national authorities or organizations.

The functions of the TWG-ND are:

  • Provide advice and guidance, and to marshal support in their countries for implementation of the IAEA's programmatic activities in the area of nuclear seawater desalination

  • Provide a forum for information and knowledge sharing on national and international programmes development in the area of nuclear desalination

  • Act as a link between the IAEA's activities in specific areas and national scientific communities, delivering information from and to national communities

  • Provide advice on preparatory actions in Member States and the IAEA's activities in planning and implementing coordinated research programmes, collaborative assessments and other activities as well as the review of the results on nuclear desalination demonstration projects

  • Develop and/or review selected documents from the Nuclear Energy Series, assess existing gaps and advise on preparation of new ones, in the scope of their field of activity

  • Identify important topics for discussion at SAGNE and contribute to status reports, technical meetings and topical conferences in the field of nuclear desalination

  • Encourage participation of young professionals, as appropriate, in IAEA activities

The TWG-ND normally meets every 12-18 months at IAEA Headquarters. It may meet from time to time away from IAEA Headquarters to familiarize itself with activities in a Member State. Special arrangements will be made to provide secretariat services for such a meeting in cooperation with the host Member State.

The Deputy Director General may invite international or regional organizations that have an interest in the field of this TWG to be represented at meetings of the TWG or at particular sessions during such meetings. Meetings will be conducted in English only.

More information on the TWG-ND meetings, Newsletter, and other related subjects you can download the IAEA toolkit on nuclear desalination.