Technical Working Groups on Advanced Technologies for LWRs and HWRs (TWG-LWR and TWG-HWR)

The TWG-LWR and the TWG-HWR are groups of experts that provide advice and support for programme implementation, reflecting a global network of excellence and expertise in the area of advanced technologies for Water Cooled Reactors. The TWG-LWR was established in 1987 and the TWG-HWR in 1997.

The focus of these Working Groups is on technology development of water cooled reactors utilized for the production of electricity and/or heat. The scope of the Working Group covers:

  1. Design and technology development for current and advanced WCR concepts

  2. Economics, performance and safety for current and advanced WCR

  3. Advanced fuel cycles and fuel options for current and advanced WCRs

  4. Infrastructure specific to the development and deployment of WCRs

The areas addressed by the TWG-LWR and TWG-HWR include

  • Advances in national programmes
  • System analyses and fuel utilization
  • Research, development, design, performance and cost related aspects of
    • Reactor core
    • Plant systems and components
    • Reactor and plant structures and containment
  • Plant operation and maintenance

The TWG-LWR and TWG-HWR coordinate their activities with other Agency activities in interfacing areas, as well as with related activities of other international organizations to avoid duplication of activities. Specifically, activities in common technology areas are conducted jointly. Furthermore, because the scope of the TWG-LWR cuts across complementary thematic topics which are also covered by the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security, the Department of Safeguards, the Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology (i.e. the TWG-FPT & -NFCO) and in the Division of Nuclear Power (i.e. the TWG-LMNPP, -NPPCI, & -MHR), activities are carried out in co-ordination with these groups as appropriate.

Meetings of the LWRs and HWRs Technical Working Groups

18-20 June 2013, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

18-20 June 2012, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

Please contact NENP Technology Development Section - Contact Point if you have any questions.