D T Code Title
NE Series NG-T-2.7 NE Series NG-T-2.7 Managing Human Performance to Improve Nuclear Facility Operation
SVS No. 24 SVS No. 24 CORR Guidelines: Preparing and Conducting Review Missions of Construction Project Readiness for Nuclear Power Plants
TECDOC 1700 TECDOC 1700 BN-600 MOX Core Benchmark Analysis
TECDOC 1720 TECDOC 1720 Operation and Licensing of Mixed Cores in Water Cooled Reactors
NE Series NP-T-4.2 NE Series NP-T-4.2 Approaches for Assessing the Economic Competitiveness of Small and Medium Sized Reactors
NE Series NP-T-1.9 NE Series NP-T-1.9 Design Features and Operating Experience of Experimental Fast Reactors
TECDOC 1727 TECDOC 1727 Benchmarking Severe Accident Computer Codes for Heavy Water Reactor Applications
NE Series NP-T-1.14 NE Series NP-T-1.14 Framework for Assessing Dynamic Nuclear Energy Systems for Sustainability - Final Report of the INPRO Collaborative Project GAINS
Booklet Booklet Status of innovative fast reactors designs and concepts
TECDOC 1705 TECDOC 1705 Passive Safety Systems in Advanced Water Cooled Reactors (AWCRs). Case Studies
NG-T-3.5 NG-T-3.5 Legal and Institutional Issues of Transportable Nuclear Power Plants: A Preliminary Study
NE Series NP-T-3.14 NE Series NP-T-3.14 Advanced Surveillance, Diagnostic and Prognostic Techniques in Monitoring Structures, Systems and Components in Nuclear Power Plants
TECDOC 1716 TECDOC 1716 INPRO Assessment of the Planned Nuclear Energy System of Belarus
TECDOC 1696 TECDOC 1696 Challenges Related to the Use of Liquid Metal and Molten Salt Coolants in Advanced Reactors
CNPP 2013 Publications CNPP 2013 Country Nuclear Power Profiles - 2013 Edition
RDS No. 2 Publications RDS No. 2 Nuclear Power Reactors in the World - 2013 Edition
OPEX 2013 Publications OPEX 2013 Operating Experience with Nuclear Power Stations in Member States in 2012 - 2013 Edition
TECDOC 1703 TECDOC 1703 Benchmark Analyses on the Natural Circulation Test Performed during the PHENIX End-of-life Experiments
TECDOC 1698 TECDOC 1698 Performance Assessment of Passive Gaseous Provisions (PGAP)
NE Series NW-T-1.24 NE Series NW-T-1.24 Options for Management of Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste for Countries Developing New Nuclear Power Programmes
NE Series NP-T-1.10 NE Series NP-T-1.10 Nuclear Reactor Technology Assessment for Near Term Deployment
TECDOC 1694 TECDOC 1694 Evaluation of High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Performance: Benchmark Analysis Related to the PBMR-400, PBMM, GT-MHR, HTR-10 and the ASTRA Critical Facility
SRS No. 75 SRS No. 75 Implementation of a Management System for Operating Organizations of Research Reactors
NE Series NP-T-4.2 NE Series NP-T-4.2 Hydrogen Production Using Nuclear Energy
CMS 22 CMS 22 PRIS-STATISTICS: Power Reactor Information System Statistical Reports - User's Manual
TECDOC 1674 TECDOC 1674 Advances in High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Fuel Technology
TECDOC 1691 TECDOC 1691 Status of Fast Reactor Research and Technology Development